An innovative technology in which music and sound vibrations are felt as well as heard. 


sLying comfortably on a soft massage table equipped with sound transducers one is bathed in sound and brought to profound states of relaxation.  These states provide an experience of optimal conditions for healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reaching deeper states of being—Alpha and Theta brainwave states—activates the Relaxation Response, which in turn helps to reduce stress, shown to be a major contributor to most illness.  Inflammation and pain are reduced and immune system functioning is enhanced. 

The sound and vibration generated from specifically recorded and selected music, which utilizes particular harmonics frequencies, instruments, rhythms and tones to access deep states of relaxation through the principles of entrainment and resonance.  As we resonate on a cellular level, harmony is restored to the whole person. 

VibraSound can help to integrate and balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain, awakening your whole brain potential and allowing for expanded awareness.  Rigid thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck in aspects of your life are dissolved, allowing for openness, receptivity and more harmonious perceptions.

A session can last from 30-60 minutes and can incorporate intention setting, aromatherapy, Tibetan and crystal bowls, chimes and gongs.

This small group experience provides  a safe container for self-discovery and inner exploration and expansion of consciousness.  Vibrations created by the rhythm and timbre of the instruments support deep relaxation and peace and opening of the body’s energetic system through the chakras and meridian energetic pathways. 


*  Fees:


  • 30 minute session: $50
  • 60 minute session: $100

“This goes deeper than any meditation I’ve ever done.  I feel like I’ve had a whole night’s sleep.”  ~~L.C.    

“There’s a part of my life that this music really touches, a part that I can’t reach.  The music finds it and brings it together.  It brings me into my life; it makes me happy.  I have a part of me that is sad.  I can’t express it.  The music knows where it is and brings it out.  Like a heartbeat, the music slows it down and weaves it together.  I will feel hurt, but the music draws my attention from it and brings me to happy.  My mind is clear like running water.  I see the world differently.  When I cam here I didn’t have any control of my life and my physical pain was high.  I felt down.  Now, I feel better.  I can guide my life better.  I don’t have to take a pain pill.  The music knows where to go and what to do.”    ~~ G.G.                           

“My entire body was on the table and my spirit soared.”  ~~ Y.T.                      

“I cannot tell you what this did for me.  It lasted for days.  My emotions were so much more available to me—my joy and my sorrows.”     ~~J.M.             

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