Tuning forks emit specific frequencies and are used on the body for support of physical health and near the body for balance of the electromagnetic energy fields.  The forks come in a wide variety of frequencies, designed to elicit sympathetic resonance in the entire nervous system, generally to create deep relaxation or stimulation.   Some benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy:

  • Eliminate stress
  • Facilitate deep relaxationtuning
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Balance chakras and meridians
  • Return harmony to entire system—body, mind, spirit, emotions
  • Enhance healing of bones
  • Connect with universal energies
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Remove blocks and stuck places; open creative pathways
  • Open to new insights and perceptions
  • Experience unconditional love and support


A session can last from 1-2 hours.



1 hour:  $100

1.5 – 2 hours:  $150

“My mind was slow and peaceful and at rest. “The tones make me feel very calm and patient.  I was tired in the evening and very sleepy.  I slept peacefully and woke up with no anxiety….very peaceful.”

 “This is the most relaxed I have ever been.  Very calm, very relaxed. Openness that resulted from the tuning fork session has enabled me to be very open to my emotional self and to actually feel emotions that I would otherwise have suppressed or not even been aware of.”

“I was so relaxed that I was not thinking.  I think I just went to sleep.  I felt no nervousness or anxiety.  I felt very relaxed, like I just work up from a very very peaceful experience. “    ~~ J. H. (3 sessions)                                                                                                          

“That was great.  Shortly after we started I was aware of flickers of waves of light.” 

I felt gratitude and hopefulness….an inner  knowing that I will get better.  I feel calmer and much better than when I came here.  I had a sense of reaching a tiny sense of a direction, but it didn’t fully come.  For a few days after the session, I felt a shift in awareness.  Because of feeling less stress, I was eager to complete some small tasks.  This felt great.

I had good energy for a few days and am learning to listen to what my body needs and make choices that are good for me.”
~~ P. D.  (3 sessions)

“Oh, my god! I can hardly talk about it.  Expansiveness……  During the releasing, It felt like all of the stuff went up from my belly.  I was all energy, and all of these hands were supporting me. I had a sense of things moving in a spiral. That is awesome work! “

“After my tuning fork session I noticed a definite shift in my energy!  I felt clearer and more in tune with my body.  My sleep has been good—and I feel more rested when I wake up.  Emotionally, I have felt calmer and more into reality and OK with it!”

“I felt tingly like a chime.  So awesome!  Felt like I was in a womb. “  {When I did 528 on Heart Chakra) a big lotus opened up.  I got teary.  My question was ‘What am I here to do?’  The answer was, ‘Love.’”

 “I feel peaceful and content, much more like myself.  It (this process) is powerful on so many levels.”

I felt deep, uncomplicated, unconditional Love and ok-ness.

My tuning fork sessions have been amazing! I experienced deep peace and love.   And it was actually life altering for me after a two-month siege of ‘fight or flight’ mode after a traumatic experience.  When I got out of bed the next morning I knew that things were different—I was different and felt more like myself than I have in two months.  I’m grateful and so happy to have experienced this work.  Everything has been better!”          ~~ T.D. (3 sessions)


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