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Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound!

There is a good deal of confusion about Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Their mystery and beauty seduce us.  But what do you need to know before purchasing one?  And how do you use it?  This course introduces newly crafted hand hammered and machine tuned Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowls which are the result of years of careful research.  They are 100% pure metals, so do not allow contamination  when used on the body, as happens with other newly made bowls.  They can be used on the body as well as for meditation bowls. 

Partnering with Miguel Lourenco of Tacas Tibetanas in Portugal, I am the only person allowed to teach his work and distribute these amazing bowls.  The course will provide more information as to the use of the bowls and will teach the Sound Massage process, with each bowl used for a specific purpose.  It is the foundation for continuing training programs that will be offered in the future. International certification is currently pending.  It is not necessary to purchase the bowls to attend the course; and bowls will be available for purchase at a later date as well.

Space is limited to 6 people.


Sound Healing Heals at the Core!


This workshop is a three day sound vibration journey that will teach you foundational techniques and provide you with information on how you can setup your own Sound Healing practice. 

Dates: Friday, March 23 –  Sunday, March 25, 2018  OR

             Friday, April 11 –  Sunday, April 13  (CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER)

Times: Friday evening 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm; Saturday 9 – 5; Sunday 9 – 5


$400  {By check, payable to Fran Clarke}
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Hello to Life Sound Healing Academy
200 West University Avenue

Lafayette, Louisiana

In this course you will learn:

  • History of Tibetan singing bowls
  • What makes ACAMA bowls unique
  • How to care for the bowls properly
  • Why therapeutic singing bowls facilitate powerful healing effects
  • Specific technique for giving a sound massage

Participants will have the opportunity for guided practice in giving a sound massage. An added benefit is receiving a sound massage as well!

ACAMA Therapeutic Singing Bowls will be available for purchase if desired.

Tibetan Singing Bowls


Used as therapeutic and transformational healing tools, the Tibetan and therapeutic singing bowls induce a calming effect to body, mind and spirit and enable the recipient to reach higher states of enlightenment.  Their resonant sounds help to:

  • Soothe the nervous system
  • Balance left and right brain
  • Align chakras and meridians
  • Activate the body’s innate healing mechanisms
  • Induce deep sense of meditative tranquility

Antique Tibetan or Himalayan Bowls, thought to be made by Tibetan Monks in Nepal, are typically made of seven to nine metals and infused with the prayers and intentions of the monks who created them. 

The ACAMA Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowls that I use to work directly on the body are newly crafted hand hammered and machine tuned bowls made by skilled craftsmen in Nepal.  They were developed after years of research by Stephan Ackerman to achieve precise frequencies for specific uses.  They have the reputation as the finest newly made singing bowls because they are made from a combination of more metals than other new bowls and therefore provide more harmonics that are received by the user.  They contain no contaminated metals, as is the case with most newly made bowls, and are made of 100% pure metals.  Therefore, when used on the body they do not transfer contamination to the body systems. 

Therapeutic processes using the ACAMA bowls were created by Miguel Lourenco of Tacas Tibetanas in Portugal.  Fran Clarke is the only person who has received permission to teach his work and to distribute the ACAMA bowls.  The bowls can be purchased without attending the training courses; however, it is highly recommended that you do so. 

When purchasing singing bowls, it is important to work with a reputable dealer.  Those with lesser integrity are known to pass off new bowls as antiques and to sell bowls that were made with contaminated metals or poor working conditions for their employees.

I am pleased and honored to be offering the lifework and teachings of Miguel Lourenco of Tacas Tibetanas in Portugal. 

Partnering with Miguel Lourenco allows me to offer courses and distribute the finest quality of therapeutic singing bowls, crafted in Nepal with precise standards, pure metals and meticulous research.  You can be assured that you will be getting highest quality in both the bowls and the teachings.

It is possible to become internationally certified in the use of Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowls through Tacas Tibetanas and Hello To Life Sound Healing Academy.  This requires a series of courses.  Additional courses will be offered as interest indicates.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.


“I was absolutely floored to see a sound therapy course in my city!!!  Ms. Fran’s Tibetan bowl class was THE best!  She is very passionate about her work and students.  She instructed us in the method of Miguel Lourenco (Portugal) plus a few of her own tricks.  We had plenty of time to practice giving and receiving bowl sessions.  Fran also includes information regarding recommended usage, contraindications, consent, intake forms, and lastly the importance of INTENTION.

Tibetan bowls MUST be felt for oneself, for verbal explanations are not enough.  The sound literally envelops you.  It bathes you.  The vibrations help stimulate and bring awareness to different areas of the body, at a visceral depth.  It creates a blank space in  your mind, punctuated by gentle rhythmic gongs, allowing relatively quick access to deep states of relaxation. 

Needless to say, I am extremely excited to add the element of sound to my massage practice.  Thank you, Ms. Fran!  You have a huge heart!”

Jade Tran LMT

“I have no doubt but that the sounds of the bowls are sacred sounds.  I have felt it to be an honor to learn how to direct those sounds for healing.  When I receive the sounds, I am able to transcend thinking and go to a non-verbal place of peace.  When I practice playing the bowls for someone else, I feel in synch with an essential part of creation, with The Creative Source.  Fran is a gentle teacher whose passion for sound fills the course with energy.  This class offers a rich and love-infused experience! 

Patricia Sidman

“I highly recommend the Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowl Course.  This course has been so enjoyable and wonderfully informative concerning the healing capabilities of sound.  I have been meditating for about 10 years and consider myself to be advanced.  What I experienced during the first five  minutes with the bowls brought me to a level of peacefulness and serenity that I have not been able to achieve on my own.  I feel as though the bowls are the conduit aI have been seeking my entire adult life.  I will now be able to confidently share my healing gifts with others.  I have been searching for a group of people that felt “like home”:  and I am so thankful to have found the sound community. Our all-female class was an uplifting and positive experience for me.  To be in the presence of such virtuous and high-minded feminine energy was inspiring.  Finding Fran right here in Lafayette has been a serendipitous blessing.  I am honored to call her my friend and excited to share with the community what I have learned.” 


“I had the pleasure and honor of taking this class from Fran Clarke.  I not only learned the technique of making the bowls “sing”, but also how to use the vibration of the bowls for therapy, meditation, and relaxation.  This course left a lasting impression upon me and provided me with skills I will use and share with others for the rest of my life.”