Find peace in unpeaceful times through tranquil and soothing sounds.


Immersed in gentle, soothing sounds of Himalayan and crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, tingshas, drums, bells, and percussion instruments sounds and vibrations wash over and through you, inviting profound relaxation.  Often, insights come forward and rejuvenation is felt.  Nothing is required of you, except gentle presence and willingness to experience and be affected by the sounds. 

Also called Sound Baths, participants lie comfortably on the floor with pillows, blankets and eye masks and let themselves be transported to meditative states of transformation. sound healing

I am available to hold Sound Baths in other locations—work environments, social organizations and retreats.   Some employers like to reward their employees for excellent service or to help reduce stress in a challenging workspace. 



  • 1.5 hours $20   
  • Fees for customized sessions in other locations to be negotiated