“Life is about learning and evolving into the highest expression of ourselves.”  – Debbie Ford


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Clients typically seek counseling because a specific issue or situation—inner or outer, past or present, known or unknown—is blocking their joy and serenity. 

The emerging field of Mind-Body Health, or psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), is a science that indicates that there is a direct interrelationship among our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual selves.  When our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment with our Higher Self we feel strongly grounded and connected to a greater Life Force Energy.  Like a tree deeply rooted in fertile soil, growth can happen and one can endure changes while remaining strong and vibrant.fdf

The purpose of psychotherapy is increased self-awareness, skill building and growth of consciousness so that the choices that the client makes promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

As a therapist, I strive to create an environment of respect, support and validation.  I have the innate ability to see beyond the challenge the client presents, to serve as a mirror for the core undeveloped strengths and attributes that each person possesses and to assist that person in owning and integrating those abilities.

By recognizing choice and the importance of taking full responsibility for one’s life, self esteem soars, confidence becomes deep and strong, and life can be embraced fully with joy, passion and vitality.

I assess the person from a multi-faceted, holisitic approach, meaning that I don’t work on any particular diagnosis.  I believe that, in most cases, a diagnosis is evidence of an imbalance in the system and that by restoring balance to that system the symptom is resolved. Traditional talk therapy, integrated with skills teaching and energy re-patterning, enable the motivated client to move beyond the difficulties they are experiencing and feel confident about their ability to experience change and growth.

*  Fees:

  • Evaluation session: $115
  • 50-minute session: $100


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