Introduction to Sound Healing Workshop


Looking for a way to change your life while building a new career or revitalizing your current one?

One that has proven to be effective in eliminating pain, balancing the whole person and contributing significantly to health, wellness & vitality?

 Interested in quick certification through an internationally accredited and highly acclaimed training program without having to incur travel expenses?


The good  news is that you can have it all!

Sound Therapy is fast becoming recognized as one of the most effective, pain-free and long lasting treatments of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances and illnesses.  For too long, we have endured the spiraling costs and adverse side effects and complications of pharmaceutical interventions.  Sound & Vibration processes combine the time-tested wisdom of the ancients with current research and technology.

Hello To Life Sound Healing Academy is the first in Acadiana to offer treatments in a variety of modalities and to initiate Certified Practitioner Training programs!

Introduction to Sound Healing


            Saturday, October 14, 2017  
            9am -5pm  
            200 W. University Avenue 
            Lafayette, LA  70506


            Cost: $79

(Note that if you pay via PayPal, a 4% extra charge will be added to cover PayPal’s service charge. If you’d like to make arrangement to pay a different way, please contact me.)

   In this all day seminar, you’ll discover:

  • Historical progress of Sound Therapy
  • Current research as to its effectiveness
  • How Sound Therapy affects us
  • Relationship between Stress & Sound
  • Description of the processes I currently use
  • Certification courses offered
  • If a career in Sound Therapy is right for you
  • ….and much more….


This course is a prerequisite for the Fundamentals of Sound Therapy Course.