A reliable and quick assessment of the health status of a person.

All life processes in the human body are reflected in the pulse, which is synchronized with the rhythm of the heart.  By monitoring the wave form and rate of the pulse for 3 minutes, the health status of a person can be assessed and regularly assessed over a period of time and after a succession of other treatments. 

The HRV Scanner provides information on:HRS

  • Changes in heart rate brought about by regulatory systems of the body
  • Hormonal regulation
  • Psycho-emotional system
  • General quality of physiological processes and degree of balance
  • Stress Index
  • Correlation between activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and degree of involvement of the central nervous system
  • Energy Pyramid, which illustrates the adaptive capacity of the person to resist stress and cope with stressors
  • Brain activity waves
  • Comparison of biological and “gerontological curve”, which reflects the true vitality of the person
  • Complex analysis of general health
  • Effect of stress on body, mind, spirit
  • Energetic analysis of chakras & meridians
  • Recommendation of foods, essential oils, minerals (in some cases) 

*  Fees:

  • Simple review (evaluation of graphic results): $50
  • More in-depth review and printout of results: $120


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