Fundamentals of Sound Healing—


           Saturday & Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017    
           9-5 each day  
           200 W. University Avenue, Lafayette, LA  70506


           Cost: $240 

(Note that if you pay via PayPal, a 4% extra charge will be added to cover PayPal’s service charge. If you’d like to make arrangement to pay a different way, please contact me.)


This course teaches necessary understandings upon which all future certification courses will be built.  Here you will learn:

  • Chakras, bio-energy fields, meridians
  • Assessment process
  • Effects of Dissonance
  • Grounding & Centering exercises
  • Brain & brainwave states
  • 5 Elements & overall health and wellbeing
  • Sound & DNA
  • Tuning Forks and how they are used
  • Working with clients
  • Professional concerns—insurance
  • Starting a Sound Journal
  • And much more…..

Class size is limited for all courses.

These courses may be taken without committing to registering for the Tuning Fork Provider Certification Program.  However, if you desire to be part of the Tuning fork Provider Certification Program, they are necessary pre-requisites.

  It is not necessary to have any training in music or other forms of alternative therapies.

Courses will integrate personal growth and awareness with professional skills.  Taught in an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming, they will be instructional, interactive and experiential.