Circles of the Self reveals conscious and unconscious, pre-natal, physical,
emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual strengths and hindrances.






vvMandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’ or ‘center’, an ancient pattern found in sacred geometry, rooted in our body, cellular memory and part of our collective unconscious.  They have been found in many cultures and are part of the consciousness of humanity itself. 

Mandalas are circular drawings, “coded messages from the inner self.”  (C. Jung)   The colors and patterns represent the dynamic forces active within the psyche at any given moment.  They have clinical value in identifying potential strengths, concerns, needs and pathologies.  When used therapeutically, they are visual forms of personal process and can point to complex diagnostic indicators from the unconscious, bypassing the logical mind.

The theory within “the Great Round” is a reflection of the life cycle.  It incorporates psychological theory of the growth process.  Jung believed that a mandala was a template for the psyche and that it reflected different aspects of the whole person at any given moment. 

This introduction to mandalas and Circles of the Self teaches the use of a psychological assessment process which is based on form, color and symbol.  It provides a map of awareness of an individual’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual functioning as well as conscious, unconscious and pre-natal influences.  these patterns reveal both the strengths and hindrances which affect the current life experience of the individual.





Utilizing video, lecture presentation, music, art, case examples and discussion, participants will:

  • Understand Mandalas as universal, ancient symbols of wholeness
  • Learn about Circles of the Self, a wholistic assessment and model of the entire life experience based on the mandala, and why it is unique and valuable as a diagnostic tool in therapeutic practice
  • Experience music & poetry as representation of the stages of The Great Round
  • Learn how theories of Jung, Erikson, Ken Wilbur, Jean Gebser, Joan Kellog, Carol Bush, and other psychospiritual theories are integrated into life cycle theories and cross cultural studies
  • Review case examples of Circles of the Self and drawn mandalas
  • Understand how knowledge of mandalas and Circles of the Self are highly beneficial to you personally as well as professionally

Satisfy pre-requisite requirements should you choose to enroll in further training to become a Circles of the Self Practitioner.


Circles of the Self is very valuable knowledge for anyone seekend personal growth and increased awareness as well as those in clinical practices.  The process of becoming a certified practitioner involves an additional 30 hours of training.      

Level I = 16 hours      Fee:  $375                                  

Level II = 8 hours         Fee:  $115                                 

Level III = 8 hours Fee:  $115

Materials for assessment are purchased at the Level I training ($195). 

Upon completion of all courses, the participant is qualified to administer Circles of the Self Assessment.

Courses are scheduled according to need. 

CEU credits can be provided in some professions.