Circles of the Self


A Diagnostic & Interpretive Assessment Based on the Mandala, Ancient Symbols and the Entire Cycle of Human Life

vvCircles of the Self is a simple, non-verbal assessment based on Carl Jung’s mandala, which uses color and ancient universal symbols to identify an individual’s current conscious and unconscious physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and spiritual strengths and/or hindrances.  Unlike many other assessment tools, it encompasses the relevance of pre-natal and spiritual influences as well as the dynamic relationship between the ego and the greater Self.  Like Jung’s Mandala,

The thirteen stages of Circles of the Self is used to describe the process of Individuation a natural process which honors a person’s unique growth process during an entire lifetime.  Each stage has its particular tasks and characteristics.

Circles of the Self gives immediate feedback and can be used at any time for personal insight and growth or as a means of identifying areas of focus and progress in therapy. 

What does Circles of the Self reveal that is useful to the individual?

As a tool for insight it can:

  • Assess early pre-natal or birth trauma
  • Identify unresolved developmental issues which contribute to current difficulties
  • Highlight areas of conflict, tension or blockage and validate areas of strength
  • Identify self-destructive patterns, physiological conditions, and psychological, emotional or spiritual issues

By gaining awareness of the conscious and unconscious strengths that we possess, we can learn to utilize those attributes to overcome blockages or hindrances to inner peace, vitality and life lived with purpose and passion.

By understanding the necessary tasks of each of the developmental processes, we come to relate to our lives as dynamic and unfolding.  Our life task is to be aligned with our core authentic Self, our essence our Soul.  From this perspective, there is no such thing as failure and all experiences are opportunities for ever-expanding growth.  

Circles of the Self gives a framework for helping to make sense of the experience of being human!

Fees:  90 minutes/$120

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