Fran Clarke


13844268_10209860105089323_941702269_oFrom her earliest years as a child, music has played an important part in Fran’s life.  Singing and swinging “high enough to touch the clouds”, playing piano, singing in church and community choirs, playing the organ for church services, and later in adulthood playing the djembe, having deep love for classical music and world rhythms….all forged a deep relationship between Fran and the larger spirit and world. 

In 1997 a book literally fell on her foot that changed her life.  This initiated new directions of intensive trainings and certifications in The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music, VibraSound Therapy, inTime Listening Program (through Adavnaced Brain Technologies), Cymatherapy, tuning forks, gongs, Himalayan and crystal bowls, and more.  These extensive trainings go beyond traditional music therapy education.  The various modalities incorporated help to dissolve constrictions, realize potentials and possibility, and transform lives into ones of aliveness, vitality, meaning and passion.

But it was in using music, sound & vibration as a vehicle for personal transformation that she realized its most powerful influence as a holistic modality that reaches depths beyond the limits of the mind, in order to access deep wisdom and expand consciousness.  Music for transformation–music as medicine–has opened new lives of creativity, authenticity, passion & purpose, joy, health and wellbeing for herself and for those she has worked with.

From her earliest days as a psychotherapist, Fran recognized the need for expansion of thinking and treatment from that of diagnosis and medication, separation of mind and body, to integrative perspectives and  treatment applications.  

Throughout her nearly thirty years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Fran has had a private psychotherapy practice with a holistic perspective.  Blending traditional therapy with expressive arts and transpersonal/psychospiritual and educational therapies, her work emphasizes mind-body health, psychospiritual wellness and transformation, and evolution of consciousness. 

Sound HealingFran’s passion for educating others and making Sound Therapy available as a profoundly healing modality has grown out of her own experiences of deep healing and transformation and a belief that society’s current reliance on pharmaceuticals has created dependence and dangerous side effects, treating symptoms while the sources of imbalance go unattended.  Sound Therapy restores harmony to body, mind, spirit and emotions and when the body is in balance, healing can happen.

Her work has changed many lives, enabling individuals to live more authentically, to take personal responsibility for creating lives with passion, integrity and vitality and to develop deep inner resilience, which equips one to face the inevitable difficulties of life.  This, she firmly believes, is the anecdote to the epidemic of anxiety, depression and stress-related illness.  Fran wholeheartedly believes that Sound and Vibrational Therapy, based on ancient wisdom and evolved through modern technology, is the medicine of the future.  

Recently, Fran was given a directive to “Step into the Sound.”  New, cutting-edge areas of study have been presented to her, opening the way for further exploration of the limitless potential of sound and vibration in the healing arts.  

Hello To Life encapsulates various aspects of the work of Fran Clarke. As a psychotherapist, Fran has helped hundreds of individuals claim a stronger, wiser, more courageous and joyful existence by focusing on wellness and vitality from a holistic perspective.  She presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and internationally, develops and facilitates programs, and is available to design workshops for specific interests. 

She has received recognition for her leading roles in initiating various community projects and programs which promote holistic health. She travels to foreign and ancient sites for study, deepening spirituality and to give workshops and conference presentations.  “Listen to the beat of your Soul” is the guidance by which Fran lives. She is a Certified Sound Therapy Trainer for Tuning Forks and Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowls and a Tacas Tibetanas Therapeutic Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner & Trainer.


Helping Women Live Authentically


Fran specializes in helping women live authentically.    Her passionate and energetic advocacy for women’s self-valuing and empowerment comes from personal growth experiences and extensive and eclectic training.  She is the creator and facilitator of a transformational program called “The Heroine’s Journey: A Woman’s Soul Search for Truth.”  This Self-discovery program is a unique group process which utilizes expressive arts as transformational modalities.   She has since developed a sequel to the program, “Dynamic Women.”  Joining other visionaries and thought leaders, she uses this program to help women excavate their role and purpose in today’s world.

Fran’s approaches are especially beneficial for those who seek help for depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, life-transitions, grief & loss, medical illness, and spirituality issues and for those who are seeking greater meaning, purpose and passion in their lives.


Consultant, Speaker, Seminar Leader


She has served as a consultant for organizations in the areas of employee growth and development; wellness and management training; and has been a frequent speaker and seminar leader on both a national and international scale.  She is a certified Soul Coach to individuals and groups.  She is Founder of Yassah’s Sisters, an organization which provides basic tools for self-sufficiency for women in rural Liberia, and works to assist women in other economically impoverished areas of the world.

Fran is a 2008 Women of Excellence Award recipient and has also been nationally recognized by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Healing Healthcare organization.  In addition, she is a founding member of the Wholistic Wellness and was a member of “Partnerships for a Healthier Community.” 


A Note From Fran


I am intrigued by the teachings and wisdom of the ancient ones and feel at peace when I visit the places where they lived and worshipped.  A gypsy at heart, I enjoy exploring foreign cultures, simple adventures and soulful travel.  Intimate friendships, time to create with stone and wood, sunrise at my cottage on the lake, spirituality of music, and my precious adult children add meaning and richness to my life.

In addition to Psychotherapy and Coaching, I have developed and facilitate workshops, educational seminars and trainings, and conference presentations in the U.S., England and China.  Among the programs I have developed are ‘Living Well with Cancer:  A Program for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit’ and ‘The Heroine’s Journey:  A Woman’s Search for Truth’.  My passion—guiding women toward self-empowerment—includes those in my community and beyond.


We Must Find Our Voices


I believe that the current upheavals in the world are calling us to find our voices, to identify and challenge what no longer works, and to be an agent of change for the betterment of the planet.  This is the guiding reason I founded an international non-profit, Yassah’s sisters, in 2010.  As a subsidiary of Change Agent Network, we assist women in remote jungle villages of Liberia, West Africa to cultivate sustainable futures.  As an activist and advocate, I speak truth where it is needed and I am continuously involved in the evolution of consciousness in myself and others.

My mantra, “Listen to the beat of your Soul” guides me, as does these inspiring words:

“Playing small does not serve the world.” – Marianne Williamson



Advanced Integrative Therapy
Integrative Medicine
Energy Psychology
Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Expressive Arts Therapies
Sound, Music & Vibration



Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Fellow with Association of Music & Imagery
Certified Mandala Assessment Facilitator
Qualified Life Coach
Certified Peace Ambassador
Conscious Evolution Coaching Founding Member and Circle Leader
Certified Trainer of Circles of the Self



The Association of Music and Imagery
The Mandala Assessment Research Institute
Circles of the Self Mandala Test
Development Dimensions International
The Professional School of Biofeedback Training
Sound Healing Academy- Tony Nec – UK
Level I Practitioner
Suara Sounds Academy- Debbie Walker – UK
Tuning Fork Practitioner

“I would like to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”
-John O’ Donohue