Hello To Life offers perspectives and practices which inspire individuals and groups to assume responsibility for being co-creators of meaningful and purposeful lives.  Traditional talk-therapy, rooted in a psychospiritual and holistic framework, is often combined with meditative experiences using music, sound and vibration to resolve blockages physically, emotionally, cognitively and spirit.

As consciousness expands and awareness increases, perceptions are heightened and ordinary mental states are transcended, choices are made which resonate with true essence and authenticity.  Energetic shifts happen. Pathways for new perspectives are opened.  Hello To Life supports individuals to live in harmony with themselves, each other and the planet.  Fran Clarke, LCSW brings thirty years of professional and personal growth experience to this unique, powerful and successful combination of services.


Traditional talk therapy, integrated with skills teaching, energy re-patterning, and music, enable you to move beyond difficulties you are experiencing  and experience change and growth.

Sound Therapy

Discover self-healing and professional practice-enhancing skills through ancient knowledge combined with modern technology utilizing sound, music and vibration.

Group Sessions

Facilitating group sessions regularly for the community to foster awareness, healing, and growth mind, body, and spirit. I’m also available for group sessions at corporate events.


Offering various classes to educate, inspire, and help you on your journey toward wholeness, including Introduction to Sound Therapy and Sacred Sound Circles.

Are you ready for deeper level transformation?

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Fran Clarke brings thirty years of professional
and personal growth experience to this unique,
powerful and successful combination of services.




My tuning fork sessions have been amazing! I experienced deep peace and love.   And it was actually life altering for me after a two-month siege of ‘fight or flight’ mode after a traumatic experience.  When I got out of bed the next morning I knew that things were different—I was different and felt more like myself than I have in two months.  I’m grateful and so happy to have experienced this work.  Everything has been better!” J.D.


“I was scheduled for surgery for a torn meniscus the following week.  After 3 Cymatherapy sessions I was pain-free and was able to stop taking all pain and sleep medications.  I was able to resume normal high-level physical activity and I slept 6-7 hours a night.  I continued the 14-session protocol and had no need for surgery.  Many months later I am doing well and have not had any regression in symptoms.” T.D.


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