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Welcome to Hello to Life Sound Healing Academy, a place that offers courses of instruction in various methods of Sound and Vibrational Therapies. Music, Sound & Vibration are effective methods for dealing with mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances as well as physical symptoms.  Our current healthcare crisis of escalating costs and overuse of often harmful pharmaceuticals provides the impetus to explore the powerful, effective, long-lasting benefits of Sound Healing. Please check out current Sound Healing workshops, as well as individual and group sessions, to discover how Sound Healing can benefit you as a recipient or as a provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sound Healer?

Anyone can purchase an instrument and learn to strike a Tibetan or crystal bowl or tuning fork or gong or drum.  But that doesn’t make one a Sound Healer or Sound Practitioner.  It is important that one who uses Sound for healing practice within the scope of their training and expertise. To identify yourself as a Sound Healer or Sound Practitioner implies that you have dedicated yourself to comprehensive study of at least one focus area and have qualified within the standards of that practice.  Anyone can use the instruments for individual or group meditation practices; however, providing specific treatment using the instruments needs to be learned and practiced with full knowledge of the field, including professional & ethical standards of practice.  The courses I teach are fully certified by credentialing bodies in the U K and Portugal and adhere to quality professional standards.  By attending these courses you will be gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to practice independently if you so choose. You can, however, take the courses purely for self care and not complete the certification requirements.

Who Can Be a Sound Healer?

Any adult with an open mind and heart who is emotionally and mentally stable, and has a desire learn and grow towards personal and planetary peace and wellness. Prior experience in the healing arts is helpful but not necessary.

What is unique about Hello To Life Sound Healing Academy?

Hello To Life Sound Healing Academy was founded by me, Fran Clarke, with the mission of creating a quality education and training in the healing arts of Sound Healing. I have been granted the privilege of teaching courses in tuning forks as developed by Debbi Walker of Suara Sounds (U K) and in the unique therapeutic Tibetan singing bowls as developed by Miguel Lourenco of Tacas Tibetanas (Portugal).  I an one of two teachers from Suara Sounds and the only person that has been granted the honor from Tacas Tibetanas.  So, these courses are available only through Hello To Life Sound Healing Academy.

Courses are taught in small group setting, so the atmosphere is engaging and informal with both flexibility and structure.  Class size is usually limited to 6-8 participants.  Early registration assures your place in the class.

Fran has traveled extensively and trained with renowned teachers in the field of Sound Healing since 1996.  I have led thousands of groups and training programs and enjoys seeing the excitement from participants as they discover the power of Sound & Vibration for themselves!   The teaching approach is not just about how to play the instrument.  Inherent in the practice of Sound Healing is personal growth and responsibility, so these courses support you as a seeker of consciousness as well as being a practitioner.

What is Integral Sound Healing?

The practice of Sound Healing takes many forms, unique to each Practitioner’s training, preferences and life experience.  Sessions can range from passively receiving healing sounds in a meditation type experience or the use of specific instruments, frequencies & techniques to address a particular concern, or the use of particular instruments and techniques to bring integrated balance of body, mind & spirit.  As a skilled practitioner, I also use Sound & Vibration to dissipate blocked energy in the body & biofield so that the natural healing abilities can be restored to optimal functioning. The integral process that I use views the client not just as the passive recipient of Sounds & Vibrations, but as a co-creative partner in the healing process whereby the careful development of intentions personalizes the sessions and enhances the healing outcome. 

Unlike many Western medicine and alternative practices, Sound Healing integrates body, mind, emotions & spirit, energy centers & energetic biofield in the transformation process.  Music, Sound & Vibration can reach into places where words cannot.  Therefore, vibrational processes can bring profound and lasting healing of life-debilitating physical, mental, motional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual conditions. 

Are the classes taught only in Lafayette, LA?

No, I am qualified and available to teach in other states and countries.  If there are 6 or more people eager to take the courses, arrangements can be made for me to travel to your area.  Fees may need to be adjusted to cover as travel expenses.  If you are interested in having a class in your locale, please contact me as soon as possible.

Are CEU credits being offered for any of the classes?

I do believe that Sound Healing is the perfect a adjunct to professions like physical therapy, massage, psychotherapy, nursing, yoga, Reiki, etc.  As awareness of the potential increases, I believe that other professions will welcome the integration of Sound & Vibrational practices into their systems.

Currently, applications are being submitted in some professional fields.  Check back to this website frequently for updates or contact me for the latest information. 


Where and with whom can Sound Healing be used?

Sound Healing can be used with almost any human being and with animals.  The list of places and institutions where it can be implemented is endless, ranging from corporate offices to baby nurseries to rehabilitation facilities to adult elderly care centers to hospice care to Western medical areas…and almost anywhere else!  There are a few contraindications, and these are taught in the Level I courses.

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My tuning fork sessions have been amazing! I experienced deep peace and love.   And it was actually life altering for me after a two-month siege of ‘fight or flight’ mode after a traumatic experience.  When I got out of bed the next morning I knew that things were different—I was different and felt more like myself than I have in two months.  I’m grateful and so happy to have experienced this work.  Everything has been better!” J.D.


“I was scheduled for surgery for a torn meniscus the following week.  After 3 Cymatherapy sessions I was pain-free and was able to stop taking all pain and sleep medications.  I was able to resume normal high-level physical activity and I slept 6-7 hours a night.  I continued the 14-session protocol and had no need for surgery.  Many months later I am doing well and have not had any regression in symptoms.” T.D.


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